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Modiin Veterinary Clinic
23 Ginot Dotan st', Malibu center Modiin  |  phone:0774121312  Fax:0774121310
mail: vetcentermodiin@gmail.com
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Welcome to Alfa-vet Modiin Veterinary Center where we combine general veterinary medical services with vet emergency response for our clints in Modiin Maccabim and Reut. Our medical team are all fluent in English to provide you the highest quality pet care in a compassionate and comfortable environment. we belive that your pet deserve the very best healthcare so we provide all veterinary services in one place in the highest standard. General medicine, immunization's, blood work lab's in house, digital imaging, dental services and state of the art surgery suite. Most important we provide close, personalized and dedicated service for you and your loved pet