veterinary clinic jerusalem
veterinary jerusalem
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veterinary clinic in jerusalem israel
*אין לראות באמור בדף זה כל התחייבות מצד הנהלת המרכזים הוטרינרים לקבלה ולטיפול במקרה  חרום כלשהו בשעה כלשהי. ההחלטה  על  קבלה  לטיפול  רפואי  תתבצע  ע"פ  שיקוליי  הוטרינר התורן בלבד. רק  במידת  האפשר בלבד  ינתן  שרות  גם  למקרים  אשר  אינם  לקחות  המרפאות
Kiryat yovel clinic
61 Borohov st' Jerusalem
72 Moshe Dayan Bld Jerusalem
Pisgat zeev clinic
Welcom to the  advanced Veterinary
medical center's in Modiin and Jerusalem
In the "Alfa-vet" veterinary centers  you will find two veterinary clinics located in Modiin at malibu centerand Jerusalem in Kiryat Yovel and  Pisgat Zeev.The clinics provide full advanced medical services for pets with emphasis to dogs and cats. At the "Alfa-vet" medical centers we actively pursue continuing education for both our doctors and technicians and Our state of the art equipment aids Our experienced staff in providing your loved ones the best medical service that they deserve .To better serve the english speaking community All of our staff  speak english fluently.

Special and unique service for our clients
An on-call doctor will receive your call at any time and will give you medical advice. If needed he will arrive to the clinic to provide life saving treatment
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We promise to treat your pets as we would treat our own--- with loving care and respect. We will do so while providing the highest quality medical, surgical, and/or dental options available.

We promise to show you the utmost in courtesy and respect. We will strive to provide you with an unparalleled level of service, honoring both your time and your emotional bond to your pet
Our Promise to Our Clients...

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vet clinic in jerusalem
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