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veterinary jerusalem
veterinary clinic jerusalem

Kiryat yovel clinic
61 Borohov st' Jerusalem
72 Moshe Dayan Bld Jerusalem
Pisgat zeev clinic
Kiryat Yovel
Kiryat Yovel
Pisgat Zeev
Pisgat Zeev
Special and unique service for our clients
An on-call doctor will receive your call at any time and will give you medical advice. If needed he will arrive to the clinic to provide life saving treatment
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- Veterinary Clinics
- Veterinary Clinics
Our medical team is ready to provide our client's emergency medical assistance 24h a day including nights and weekend's.
For this purpose we have a veterinary doctor on call.
The vet on-call will take your call at any hour and will try to give assistance on the phone. When needed the vet on call will arrive to the on-call clinic and provide live saving medical treatment

The on-call doctor will answer the emergency hot line when ever the clinic is closed and can't provide service.
*All medical services will be provided at emergency rates.

Phone nr. for the Vet
on-call in case of emergency

Bleeding: any kind of bleeding, cut's, wound's, urine bleeding, etc
Ataxia: when ever your pet cant walk strait or cant keep her                       balance, walking in circles
Seizures: of any kind or any duration, involuntary movement, cramps
Respiratory distress: any change in normal breathing
Vomiting: in case your pet vomited more then a few times
Diarrhea: in case of sudden diarrhea multiple times
Weakness: sudden weakness, loss of consciousness or fainting
Pain: sudden onset of limping or lameness, any trauma, high altitude fall, open fractures
Any hit by car: even if the pet seems fine
Bites or stings: must see a vet even if the pet seems to be ok
Dog or cat bites or scratches: in case the wound profound and you can't stop the bleeding
Ingestion of poison: any suspicion that you're pet has ingested a poison. Do not waste time and get help as soon as possible

Any other problem that might worry the pet's owner

When do you call the vet on-call?
Alfavet pisga medical veterinary center in pisgat zeev,Dr Bualata Adrian provides all medical services for pets dog and cats.oparating room,prescription diets,vaccins,electronic chip, 24h vet on call phone service.alfavet yovei veterinary clinic in kiryat yovel provides advanced medical services,x ray, digital x ray, ultrasound,lab work, safe anesthesia for senior dogs and cats
veterinary clinic in jerusalem
*אין לראות באמור בדף זה כל התחייבות מצד הנהלת המרכזים הוטרינרים לקבלה ולטיפול במקרה  חרום כלשהו בשעה כלשהי.ההחלטה על קבלה לטיפול רפואי תתבצע ע"פ שיקוליי הוטרינר התורן בלבד.רק במידת האפשר בלבד ינתן שרות גם למקרים אשר אינם לקחות המרפאות

Emergency vet
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vet clinic in jerusalem