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veterinary jerusalem
veterinary clinic jerusalem
Kiryat yovel clinic
61 Borohov st' Jerusalem
72 Moshe Dayan Bld Jerusalem
Pisgat zeev clinic
Kiryat Yovel
Kiryat Yovel
Pisgat Zeev
Pisgat Zeev
Special and unique service for our clients
An on-call doctor will receive your call at any time and will give you medical advice. If needed he will arrive to the clinic to provide life saving treatment
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- Veterinary Clinics
- Veterinary Clinics
Advanced imaging
In our clinics we use advaced Imaging equipment High frequency x-ray machine, a digital x-ray reading machine and Ultrasound
General medicine and preventive medicine
General examination, vaccines protocols, deworming programs, identification chip implantation, routine treatments
Emergency service's
We provide our clients a vet on-call service for a quick respons to any emergancy at night and weekends
veterinary on call service in jerusalem*
Spaying and Neutering
spaying and neutoring of dog and cats are preformed in advanced O.R. Special service for jewish orthodox  sapying done by non jewish doctors
General surgery
At our clinics we offers the full range of surgical procedures, done by experienced doctors in state-of-the-art operating rooms
High risk procedures and orthopedic service
Thanks to our advances equipment we can offer special procedures. Electric surgery machine, Inhalation Anesthesia machine with a safe inhalation gas and digital monitors allow us to perform safe complicated procedures

Dental care
Dental procedures are performed under general anesthesia with special stomatologig equipment.

Lab work
we provide a large range of lab tests: blood work, urine analysis, allergy tests and more
House calls
one of our vets will arraive to your residence to examine youe pet

Prescription Diets
Therapeutic Pet Food for Cats and Dogs 

Medical service's you can find in our clinic's
Medical services
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vet clinic in jerusalem